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Shaun the Sheep - Shape Up With Shaun.
Shape Up With Shaun

Shirley the sheep is even larger than usual (and that is saying something). Shaun decides that something has to be done about it and organizes a fitness regime involving everyone to get Shirley back into shape. Of course things don't always go to plan.


The farmer decided that it's time for the flock to have a wash in their freezing cold sheep dip. Of course the flock has other ideas and with Shauns help they are soon having a much more enjoyable bathtime (at the farmers expense).

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When Bitzer gets "distracted" with a she-dog from the local camp sight the flock see a great oppertunity for mischeif. But when they start creating havoc in the farmhouse, Shaun decides that it's time to get Bitzer mind back on the job.

Take Away

When the aromas of the Famers takeaway reaches the flock Shaun decides it's time for a mission to get themselves some pizza. With their order decided upon, they disguise as a human and head to the local pizzeria.

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Still Life

When the Farmer takes up oil painting the flock think they can do better. So when his back is turned they all have a go, with comical effect. But it all come good in the end because as they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".


Shaun decides that he wants some of the apples from the apple tree overhanging from the Naughty Pigs yard. He is soon spotted by the pigs and they want all the apples for themselves. This soon turns into sheep / pig war with everyone trying to get the apples.

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Little Sheep of Horrors

Interested by a horror film on TV, late one night little Timmy wanders into the farmhouse. Shaun sets about a rescue mission to get Timmy back to the flock but also ends up convincing the Farmer that his farmhouse is haunted.

The Kite

When a kite blows into the flocks field it seems like it's going to be loads of fun. But when it gets stuck in a tree it would seem their hopes are dashed. So then it's upto Shaun to coordinate everyone in an attempt to get the kite back.

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